Saturday, August 23, 2008


i've always wanted to put a chandelier in our bedroom but my husband disapproves. however, i still find myself browsing online for hours on end (hahaha). actually, all of the ones i'm in love with have crazy price tags! so to save money i thought of putting a DECAL chandelier in our bedroom, inspired by the photo below. the decal is found here at a very tempting price of $24!

my husband and i are planning on fixing our closet and i'm thinking of putting one in there, too! a real one, though, not a decal. (ssshhh) here are some very affordable chandeliers you can put in a bathroom, bedroom, a nook, or closet!

(these are all from urban outfitters except for the one on the lower right which is only $7 each!)

what have you been itching to put in your room?

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