Saturday, August 23, 2008


This outfit is a good way to end the summer & to sneak your way into the fall, in my opinion; Whites to end the summer and red & brown to start off fall. This is a very simple outfit.
Cardigan (optional): $22.80 @ Forever 21
V-Neck Tank: $8.90 @ Heritage 1981
Artist Jeans: $19.95 @ American Eagle Outfitters (was $29.50)
Crinkle Lurex Scarf: $19.50 @ American Eagle Outfitters
Faux Leather Handbag: $26.80 @ Forever 21
Ankle Strap Sandals: 12.40 @ Old Navy (was $19.50)

If I wore jewelry with this outfit, I would just wear white-gold hoop earrings. & since I am a California girl, I can live without the cardigan!

Anyway, don't just stick to the examples I give you. Bring out your personality. Play with the colors and be inspired by the season. I'm a laid-back girl & I don't like to be too flashy so you'll see a lot of simple outfits from me. Unless I feel a bit out of the ordinary!

My tip: If you have a short upper torso like I do, wearing shirts that are about 3-inches below your hip bone will make it appear longer.

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