Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So I started my Aerobics and Strength Training class yesterday. I realized I didn't have any workout clothes! So I started browsing online to look for some. I went on & I found a lot of stuff on sale!

Sports Bra: $10 (was $15) -- you save $5 bucks.
Capri tights: $6.99 (was $14.50) -- you save $7.51
Running shorts (dark blue): $8 (was $14.50) -- you save $6.50
Active Jacket: $16.50 (was $26.50) -- you save $10 bucks
Seam shorts (red): $6.25 (was $12.50) -- 50% off, you save $6.25
Shorts (pink): $4.99 (was $12.50) -- you save $7.51, only at

I'm still broke but thought this was a good reference for me & whoever want some lounge or workout clothes :).

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Anonymous said...

$10 sports bra? I just bought mine today for $49.95! Argh! But I had to get myself a strong underwired one because of my back problems but still....$10 and $49.95...maaaan

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