Thursday, April 9, 2009


Bought a candle warmer & now it's collecting dust? Here are a few alternatives in putting your candle warmer to good use!

BEVERAGES. From your Sake, coffee, hot chocolate, baby formula, herbal tea -- what ever it may be, keep your favorite hot drinks from getting cold. If your sitting outside cuddling with a good book, bring out the candle warmer & place your drink on it.

SMALL GARMENTS. Place small garments on the candle warmer while your in the shower on a cold day or a few minutes before leaving the house. Your socks, panties, bras, face towel or gloves will be warm waiting for you.

SCENTS. Besides using candles, I prefer using a cotton pad with a few drops of scented oils. It will fill your room quickly with the scent (unlike candles, in my opinion)! It last for a few days, but is worth it. Play around with scents for each room (i.e. kitchen with lemon or a food scent).

FOOD. As long as it's the right size & texture! Just place a napkin on your candle warmer and place your burger, brownies, or slice of cake right on top.

If your wondering if I really do any of these, the answer is yes. I use my candle warmer to keep my hot drinks warm. Currently, my candle warmer is in use to fill my room with the scent of coffee! But, what a tease it is. I have yet to try the Food & small garments.

Anyone out there have tried any of these alternatives or have any new ideas, leave a comment!

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