Monday, October 6, 2008


The reason for the Shoe Pavilion sale is due to bankruptcy. They are closing 71 of their 117 stores. So call up or drive to your nearest Shoe Pavilion to see if they're closing. If they are, take advantage of it!

My brother has informed me that their shoes are up to 50% off now!

EDIT 11:56PM:

Chinese Laundry boots for 25 bucks!

Apologies for the unprofessionalism of the photos. These were taken with my broken (screen) phone. There were a lot more selections & more boots for the fall/winter! Everything (from mens, womens & children) in the store were ranging from 30 to 50% off. Also, there were an extra 30% off the clearance rack. I'm waiting for the percentage to go up ;).

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