Monday, September 15, 2008


Fashion trends come & go... & then they come back! Above are this years fall 2008 fashion trends.

Pointy toed heels are back, but when aren't they? they go well with practically anything from formal to casual clothing.
Dresses in bold solid colors, the simpler the better (or what ever you prefer).
Plaid prints -- preferably full-print on dresses or jackets. Not unless you don't care what other's think, then wear it what ever way you want.
Floral tops, but remember to think fall and autumn colors.
Tuxedo Jackets, check out Kate Moss' style. She sports the jacket often & it looks good.
Snake Print heels, belts, bracelets. Little accents, not head to toe!
Cut-out bootie boots, or ankle boots. Also cut-out heels, not straped heels (too fancy).
Layering necklaces, whether its a bundle of necklaces together, or 1 made with lots of layers.
Lace is also in. Lace tops or lace accented tops.

Mix & match, but don't wear all this at one time! Like I always say, find your own style -- Something that will bring out your personality. Buying clothes that fits your correctly will flatter your figure.

Shop around before you jump into something & regret it later on. Regret as in finding it at a sale price elsewhere!

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