Tuesday, October 21, 2008


After receiving a few comments that I had no idea how to reply to, I was playing with the 'Moderate Comments'. Then, I realized that only users who had registration to here were allowed to leave comments. No wonder not many were leaving us anything! You had probably though: How in the world am I supposed to leave a suggestion, comments or questions?! So... I enabled commenting for everyone! Now anyone is allowed to leave us comments :) Yay! & thank you to those who had left comments, it's appreciated!

I received a comment from Debbie (hello Debbie!) on my 10/19 post, and she swears by a product called Boscia, made for sensitive skin. She also said, "their cleansing creme works wonders in this dry cold weather."

This product claims to be preservative-free & keep microbial growth from forming in consumer products. By being preservative-free, this product will be able to keep a longer shelf-life & provides us with a "use by" date.

If and when I have the money, I will give this product a try because it sounds like a wonderful product for my skin: dry, irritation and sensitive.

Regarding my 10/18 post to Trish (hi Trishie!): yes, those are my real nails, but not the photo with the two hands :).

I am currently trying to put together our first give-a-way! Woo hoo!

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