Saturday, August 2, 2008


Here I am wearing one of my favorite jewelries from the designer of two little wings that May had posted below. Here's oh sweetheart by Lauren Haupt. They're light-weight and are under $30!

Allergic to fake earrings like myself? Try coating the hooks a couple of times with clear nail polish! Allow it to dry in between coats. It should do the trick for awhile.

-- Jules

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lifelilnotebook said...

Thanks for the recommendations! Winter is almost ending here now so I might save money to get it for next winter. Can't wait to become Uggwoman. Hehe.

Isn't etsy the greatest? I've bought loads of cards from there because I don't like buying generic store-bought cards. I've bought a couple of earrings from there too. The problem? My ears are not even pierced. =P

Well, not yet, anyway.

I'm loving your blog so please update more often if you can!

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