Thursday, August 7, 2008


who says being green has to be expensive? it's not supposed to be. however, most of the products i encounter have ridiculous price tags. here are some options into going green without leaving a hole in your pocket!

(starting top left clockwise: 1. content recycled tote $16.99 2. jill italiano mini circle earrings $20 3. nugaard designs skinny golden grass bracelet $18 4. azuri decorated bamboo bangle $10 5. envirosax flora reusable shopping bag $8.50 6. azuri feather pashmina shawl $20 7. contents recycled train case $14.99 8. feel good tee $14.99)

the materials used are either recycled, organic, handmade or came from natural sustainable resources. i absolutely adore the recylced train case and the azuri pashmina!

what's your favorite?

^.~) may

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