Wednesday, July 1, 2009


There are so many facial moisturizers out there that we all have probably experimented with. Some people think the more money you spend, the more the cream works. I think you're really just paying for the name.

What you want to shop for is the ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid and Petrolatum. Hyaluronic Acid help cells retain moisture to stay plump while Petrolatum keeps water from escaping.

I've learned that the true test in finding the right moisturizer is to see how your face feels throughout the day.

Back in high school, my skin used to be really dry & the moisturizers I've used before made my skin too tight. That meant I'm not using enough moisturizer or I had to change my moisturizer into a cream (thicker than lotion).

Now my skin type is oily, so if it got really oily later in the day, I've chosen the wrong moisturizer. I now use Eucerin Facial Lotion ($8-9) & will stick to it. What better way to double up your moisturizer by having SPF!

And remember, we only need to use a pea size, one for the face & one for the neck!

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TheBeautyIn Life said...

Do you know any good water proof facial sun blocks. The problem is the ones I use tend to burn my eyes, its crazy.

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