Wednesday, March 11, 2009


PRODUCT: Smooth Away - As Seen on TV. This package includes a travel case, 1 large applicator -- the pink handle is the applicator, 1 small applicator, 5 large flex-crystal replacement pads, and 5 small flex-crystal replacement pads.

CLAIM: "Discovered in Europe", claims to Remove hair instantly and painlessly. It "Gently exfoliate while removing hair!"

COST: $9.99 @ Bed Bath & Beyond

EASE OF USE: Putting it together was easy. Peel the back of Flex-crystal pad & stick it on the applicator. Buff skin in a circular motion

REVIEW: My skin-type is sensitive, so I was very hesitant to try this out. When I bought this, I asked the lady if she had ever tried it. She responded no & told me that she had mixed reviews. I told her to tell me honestly what people have been saying. She just told me that a lot said it didn't work & also said if I didn't like it, to just return it.

I began with my right arm, rubbing in a light circular motion. Nothing happened. I had to put a little more pressure on it in order to work. The feeling of the hair being removed is like a light prick -- nothing painful. At first it looked like it just dried up my arm making it look ashy, really ashy. I managed to do my whole arm & took a break.

Afterwards, it began to burn a little. It's been 20 minutes & my arm still burns. I continue to use the same pad to see how long it would last -- approximately an arm & a half. I'm actually a little tired from it, lol.

CONCLUSION: Yes, this works. This is a clean way to remove hair. After the hair removes, it looks like dirt. Just brush it off.

Would I use this again? NO! Why? My skin is so dry that it began to itch. I just put Eucerin lotion on it and now it's burning. Smooth? Yes. But, I am not going to sacrifice my skin for this.

I know everyone is different. If any of you have tried this, please share your experience. Are they similar to mine, or have you had a better experience?

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