Wednesday, February 4, 2009


i'm not really into giving or receiving super expensive gifts. for me, the best gift is when that person really thought about it and, of course, the packaging. my husband found that i'm a sucker for gift packaging so whenever he gives me a present he makes sure the packaging is to my liking. anyways, valentine's is coming up soon and i've been thinking and searching for unique ideas to give to my hubby. he likes anything tech and those are expensive - so that's crossed out of my list. i found these 2 unique andwell thought out ideas online!

1. "oh happy day" blogger tied a big red balloon to a box and set it on the side walk near her husband's work. she tied the balloon so that her husband can see it outside his office! soo sweet, right? see the picture in her blog under VALENTINE'S DAY IDEA 3: SURPRISES

2. i think i'm going to do this one for my hubby and send it to his work place: send a WORLD'S SMALLEST VALENTINE via THE WORLD'S SMALLEST POSTAL SERVICE! you can order them here for $8. the package comes with a magnifying glass and sealed with a wax. isn't it awesome?

if you have any other ideas, don't hesitate to leave comments!


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