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With how bad the economy is today, prices are going up. People are getting laid off and it's difficult to find a job out there. Luckily there are ways for you to get around this problem by saving a little money here and there.

Here, I will share with you things I've learned through others, reading and teaching myself on how to save.

If you're hungry and you have nothing at all to eat at home, the value menu's in fast food restaurants are there to help you save! Fast food chains are beginning to compete in the value menu's, so you have a wide-range to choose from!

If you're eating out at a restaurant, ask for a to-go box when you're ordering your drink. Why? Because trying to eat everything on your plate isn't good for you because you might be intaking more calories than you need. Pack up half of your food in the box & eat half of it there. You will have 2 meals for the price of one.

If you're thirsty and you're out on the go, buying AriZona tea in the can will not only save you a dollar or two, but they're only $.99 each! There are three servings per can, so it'll be sure you'll be quenching your thirst. If it doesn't, stock up! They come in many flavors.

Arizona isn't your cup of tea? Always check out news papers to check on sale items! Searching the internet is also a great way to find deals & coupons.
You can also buy a reusable water bottle and fill it up at home! The body needs at least 32 fluid ounces of water daily.

Instead of buying paper/foam plates, consider using plastic, glass or ceramic plates. You will be saving money throughout the year by not always investing your money in plates that you will be throwing out any way. Corelle is a great option if you're afraid of breakage. Don't forget to check out Corelle's clearance items and the $.99 store!

Have a stinky room? Keep all your windows in your home open to ventilate through the house. Windows aren't helping? Try Renuzit Adjustable Cones going for $.94 at Target. Keeping one by your window will let the scent flow right in. I just bought the holiday edition in Apple & Cinnamon today & put it in our bathroom. *inhales* Oh the holidays are coming!

Replace bleach with Baking soda. Replace fabric softener with 1/2 cup of vinegar (it also helps keep dark colors from fading!). If you have soft water, you can use half of the laundry soap that was recommended & still get the same results. Replace hot water with cold water. Afraid to use cold water because you think it will not kill the bacteria? Use laundry soap similar to Tide Coldwater.

Here is a recipe by Vicky Rathje, founder of Aromas for Living, to make your own simple laundry detergent.
16 cups of Baking soda
12 cups of borax
8 cups of soap-flakes
3 tablespoon of lavender essential oil (I would use any essential oils to my liking).
Use 1/8 cups per load.

Impossible to avoid! But it is possible to save gas. If you live a mile or two away from your destination, choose walking/skating/bicycling instead of driving. It will also be a good workout !
However if you must drive, try to avoid stepping on the break and gas like there's no tomorrow. Your engine will work less (thus using less gas) when you break and accelarate gradually.

There are ways for you to work out at home or outside instead of paying monthly payments for gym membership. If working out at home isn't motivating enough, you can sign up for an Aerobics/Strength training class at a college. 5 months for about $22 depending on how much they charge per unit.

Parking far from the entrance of a store will also help you burn off a few calories!

Instead of using the air conditioner, keep your blinds partially closed & your window cracked open. Less sunlight in the house will keep your home cooler.

During cold days, warm yourself up with lots of blankets and sweaters. You'll save money on the gas bill.

Only use lights in the room that you're in. If you are leaving the room, turn off the lights. Phone chargers, computers, television sets (anything plugged into the surge) should be unplugged if you're not using them. You're phone charger is still charging even if you're not charging your phone.
The refrigerator is a major power consumer so try to avoid opening it for a very long time. The motor will work harder to keep the temperature low if the fridge is left open.

Buy your shampoo/conditioners, body wash in bulks. Use soap bars instead of shower gels. Think it's a little too disgusting after watching the Friends episode:
Joey: Hey, why can't we use the same toothbrush, but we can use the same soap?
Chandler: Because soap is soap. It's self-cleaning.
Joey: Alright, well next time you take a shower, think about the last thing I wash and the first thing you wash.
Then buy shower gels in bulks & use a washcloth instead of a body pouf. You can reuse your washcloth over and over again!

Your shower time should last you 10 minutes -- 15 at the max.

A great way to earn a little money is to recycle your cans and bottles. If you have a relative that drinks a lot of soda, water or beer, ask them to save those for you. The more you gather up, the more change you'll have in your pockets.

Always ask yourself this question when you are low on money.

Sometimes we all know what's the right thing to do, but we're really just lazy to do it. We're overcome by greed and we won't know what to do until it's too late. It's time to get off our butt & listen to your smart side (I'm really talking about preserving our mother (nature!))!

I hope I helped you guys with my tips! Do you have tips of your own that you would like to share to us? Let us know!

If you guys have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to ask. We are nice girls, we won't bite!

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