Monday, August 11, 2008


I bet you I can put together a chic outfit under $150. $150?! That may sound like a big price tag, but when you see all the goodies you get to have, it will make up for the so-called scary price!

Here you will get a Lil taste of my sense of style:

Everything you see are priced under $40.
Glasses - $5.80 @ Forever 21
Jacket - $39.99 @ Tilly's
Shirt - $15.99 @ American Eagle Outfitters
Skinny Jeans - $34.99 @ Charlotte Russe
Over-sized Bag - $19.99 @ Charlotte Russe
Sandals - $15.99 @ Papaya Clothing

The places that I named are only suggestions! If you find them on sale or cheaper elsewhere, by all means, go ahead and get them! And remember, there isn't anything wrong with spending a little more cash for quality fabric -- it may last you awhile longer!

Know your limit and find clothing that will bring out your personality. Have fun shopping!

-- Jules

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