Friday, August 22, 2008


as you noticed, my entries are always short. i always try to be succinct and to the point. most often than not, i look at pictures in a blog than actually reading the entry. (lol) anyway, i found this fabulous website called it contains tried and proven tips from girls like you and me! i think i'm going to try this tip:

"If your hair is particularly dry, condition throughly, possibly with olive oil, then wrap hair up either in a warm towel or clingfilm. Wait for 20 minutes. Then rinse off thoroughly."

(tip given by user, Acantha)

my hair is not ridiculously dry, though, but the ends are just a bit. my mom used to use fresh coconut milk for my hot oil and it made my hair shiny! my hair was about down to my waist. it was long, silky and straight! i'll definitely post a follow-up on that olive oil.

have you tried this or perhaps other home treatments?

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