Saturday, July 26, 2008


You've seen them everywhere and it just keeps coming back -- UGG boots. They're comfertable and expensive. The classic tall is $200 from Made with sheepskin sock wicks and suede heel guards. You've probably tried looking for a cheaper version, but they're just not up to par. Pictured below is UGG.

I find that the next best thing to UGGs are BEARPAW. Made of sheepskin lining, suede leather, and lugged sole bottoms. The 12-inch BearPaw boots are $125. $75 cheaper than Ugg boots.

On, the BearPaw boots are $62.99. You're saving about 50%. What a bargain, right? Maybe... Not unless you find it elsewhere cheaper. Pictured below are BearPaw from sells their BearPaw boots for $39.99! I found this out last year when I was shopping for some comfortable boots to wear during the cold or to lounge around. My cousin and I were at two different stores looking for the same thing -- BearPaw boots. I'm at Shoe Pavilion and she's at Big 5 Sportings good. We both came back and told one another how much we paid. She paid $60-something, while I paid $40. Pictured below is BearPaw from

If you want looks, buy the BearPaw. It still has similar properties as the Ugg. If you want function, buy the Ugg boots. To me, as long as they're comfertable, they're fine!

But please do us all a favor and don't wear them like this, it's a no-no:

If you're looking for boots, I say go out and look because during the summer is usually when winter clothes are usually on sale.

-- Jules

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lifelilnotebook said...

I would love Ugg boots!

When I first landed in Australia my aim was to snag at least one of this babies. Unfortunately when I tried it on, my legs looked so horrible.

Moral of the story: ugg boots does not suit every legs. Sigh. Especially fat, lumpy, short legs like mine!

Oh, the heartbreak...

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